Spicy or Icy upgrade 2010
Posted August 11, 2010 by Frank in About Spicy or Icy
We are working on the Spicy or Icy websote upgrade in 2010. Please let all users from the old site know and soon we will stop the old site and ask everyone to move to the new site. If you find any bugs or any mishaps of the site, please let me know. Thanks in advance, Frank
always ready
Posted July 17, 2009 by cassie
have you ever had fantacies of sex, when,were,public or not, well im into all that, i enjoy the rush, enjoy men, and sometimes women, get pleased by both, im always willing to meet new friends girls or guys on anything,
Spicy Icy Spidey
Posted May 10, 2007 by Frank
Hello!  Spicy Icy Spidey is here to encourage all Spicy or Icy heads to recruit SI heads and have a blast here.  Add your pictures, movies, write blogs... and much more.  But seriously.. as Kate and Confueseone can tell you that SI has gone through many reincarnations and I think at some point, we got to get ourselves together and make it rock.  So today, I decide to start this blog and record my thoughts how we are doing every day.  Today we have 26 members... the other site: has more then a few thousand... I could not get all members to migrate here and I think many has given up on SI.  I hope to see you all around more often.  SIS
first blog
Posted October 29, 2006 by uffie